About Window Washing Company

For over 75 years, the four generations of window cleaners in our family have worked hard to formulate and implement an extensive set of core values that have been the blueprint of Crystal Clear’s success. Among these values you will find honesty, integrity, professionalism, exemplary service, and unsurpassed customer care. This foundation of values is reinforced daily to ensure the highest level of satisfaction for Crystal Clear’s customers.

As a result, our foundation has made us the favorable alternative to competitors in the industry and has fostered long-term relationships with our customers.

Crystal Clear has been servicing the building maintenance industry in Indiana and surrounding areas since 1998. Since its inception, Crystal Clear has experienced exceptional growth due to word-of-mouth referrals from customers across the state.

Over the past 19 years Crystal Clear has made a profound impact in the building maintenance industry throughout the area by offering a more personalized, quality-oriented service. We know that a sub-par level of service is not what our clients want and is not conducive to building long-term relationships. We are constantly reminded of this each time a customer hires us after being dissatisfied with their previous building maintenance company.

Obviously, it is every property owner and manager’s goal to maintain the appearance and value of a structure to maximize occupancy rates while protecting their investment for the future. Time and depreciation take their toll on commercial buildings, causing the need for not only structural repairs but cosmetic repairs and preventative maintenance as well. The services offered by Crystal Clear can dramatically reduce the deterioration of a building’s appearance.